Vote For My Future


The most important vote of the European parliament will take place on the 27th of November (date scheduled at this stage). Namely the vote of inauguration of the new European Commission. This vote has a major influence on the climate ambitions of the European Union for the next crucial 5 years. The new Commission has promised an “EU Green Deal”. Only there is a lack of ambition and clarity regarding financing. . Too little budget is currently being provided to guarantee us a fairer and better future. In recent years, the drastic consequences of climate change have become more and more clear. If we continue the business as usual as we do now, global warming could even become irreversible in 11 years. We cannot waste 5 more years with a Commission taking insufficient measures.


We, as youth activists, find it completely unacceptable that the European Commission cares so little about this and put our future directly at risk. Herefore, we started our “vote for my future” campaign. With this campaign we want to make it clear to parliamentarians and the population that it is of great importance that this Commission is a climate Commission. We therefore ask all Members of the European Parliament to vote only for a Commission that shows enough ambition and clarity regarding the financing of the Green Deal. It is of utmost importance that the emphasis is also on a social transition. The climate transition should be inclusive and should not crush the people who are already struggling.

Our Demands

We have three requirements:

  1. The new European Commission shall not be installed until it is a climate Commission
  2. It must be a fair and social climate transition
  3. The European Commission must mobilise sufficient funds to finance a real Green New Deal